Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds consumption has various health benefits because these seeds are rich source of minerals such as magnesium, potassium etc. two ingredients are present in fennel seeds are fenchone and anethol. fennel seeds are mostly eaten raw as they are quite refreshing. they can be added to salads and soups to enhance taste and aroma. fennel seeds are medically important too. they aid in digestion and reduce bloating. fennel seeds are also if green colour and they are used as mouth freshener. they relieve flatulence, thus it is main ingredient in gripe water. its botanical name is foeniculum vulgare miller and it belongs to apiaceae family. dried fennel seeds are a scented, anise flavored and green in color when fresh. they are crispy and somewhat sweet in taste. they are aromatic and flavorful herbs that are derived from shrub. it is popularly known as saunf or variyali. indians have a royal choice of having sarbat (cold drinks) of fennel seeds which helps to bear, unbearable hot climate. indian fennel is used in food, medicines, liquors, perfumery, also exported in the form including seeds, powder & volatile oil.