Quality Europe Quality
Purity 99-99.5%
Moisture 7% Max
Volatile Oil content 2.5-4.5%
Process Machine clean, sortex
Admixture 1% Max
Packaging 25kg/50kg hdpe or paper bag
Loading 12 MT in 20ft container/ 24 MT in 40ft container
Cumin seeds are thin, yellowish brown, elongated ovals about 0.25 inch(6mm) long with five prominent longitudinal dorsal ridges interspersed with less-disinctive secondary ridges forming a tiny grid like pattern. In india these seeds are referred to as “JEERA”. They possess numerous health benefits. Cumin seeds are powerful anti oxidents contains various anti cancerous properties and also helps in the reduction of inflammation. Regular consumption of these seeds controls sugar and cholesterol levels and also aids weight loss.